Business Activities


As an industrial supplies company, VITIS® focused on its core business in market development and distribution of associated industrial materials, machinery & equipments:

  • Marketing and distributing agent for overseas suppliers, producers in Vietnam territory. 
  • Export market development agent for local suppliers, producers in overseas markets.
  • Business consulting service for the ceramic, glass, and mineral industry in Vietnam.
  • Seeking opportunities for joint-venture & cooperation between local and foreign companies. 

Business Development Strategy

VITIS® currently has applied an overall strategy to fully integrate into the industry value chain. The company has vertically integrated into many related and unrelated businesses so as to strengthen and support its core businesses as illustrated here under and it can be seen as powerful area of VITIS® competitive advantages being exploited properly.

VITIS® overall strategy to integrate the value chain:

Import of raw materials is foreseen to shrink in the near future due to the movement of localization of international companies. Hence VITIS® is setting up technology partnership with selected local mining companies for production of silicate materials to serve the local industry and export. In this special aspect, the company has successfully assisted a number of local mining companies to upgrade their production technology and to develop in depth-processed products with more added values. 

VITIS® is also in co-operating with overseas suppliers to develop technologies, new products and marketing their products in the local and regional markets.

Service Model

VITIS® service marketing triangle shows the three interlinked groups that work together to develop, promote and deliver the products/services and we adopt three types of marketing that must be successfully carried out for the service to succeed: External-Internal-Interactive marketing which are essential for building and maintaining relationships with our customers.