Vietnam is well endowed with a wide range of mineral resources...

Vietnam is well endowed with a wide range of mineral resources. The country has some of the world’s biggest resources of phosphate, bauxites, rare earths, and large commercially viable deposits of oil, coal, titanium, and other minerals.
The exploitation of Vietnam’s mineral sector is still at an early stage of development, and despite a wealth of untapped resources, the country has to import most high value-added mineral products. This situation is changing recently by the increasing involvement of foreign companies in the local mineral sector that will accelerate the development of high value and/or export-orientated minerals. Hence, import of raw materials is foreseen to shrink in the near future due to the movement of localization of international companies.
Taking advantage of the opportunity in the local mining industry, VITIS® has strategically set up technology partnership with selected local mining companies for production of silicate materials to serve the local industry and export. In this special aspect, the company has successfully assisted a number of local mining companies to upgrade their production technology and to develop in depth-processed products with more added values.
VITIS® is acting as mineral-link between suppliers & end-users through wide professional networking agents across Asian ceramic centers. The company is also in co-operating with overseas suppliers to develop technologies, new products and marketing their products in the local and regional markets.